Oh God help us to be gentle,
Walking softly with one another,
Help us to be understanding,
Lest we should add to the world’s sorrow’
Or cause to flow one needless tear’
Help us to stand for what is right
Not because we may gain by it
But because it is right.

Help us to be eager to forgive others
As we are to ask foregiveness.
Prosper with Thy blessing
We beseech Thee Oh Lord’
The work of this our school
and grant that those, that serve thee here
May set thy holy will
ever before them.

And do that which is
wellpleasing in Thy sight
and persevere in Thy service
until the end.


Hear thy children
now dear Lord
We fold our hands in prayer
bless our
and our teachers
keep us safe
In thy dear care.

Help us to be kind
To others.

Happy in our work and play.
Give us each the strength to conquer
Any wrong that comes this day.