The school has two computer laboratories. One for junior and middle school section, and the other for senior school. Each is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software. Students use Diskless Workstations connected to  Linux and Windows servers, in both the computer laboratories. Computer training is compulsory for all students from Classes I to VIII and optional for Class IX to XII. The junior section has excellent software packages for learning various subjects such as Mathematics, English, E.V.S. and General knowledge. It is a place brimming with activity even during break times, when young enthusiasts are often seen engrossed in various self-enhancement packages. Three senior school section has advanced equipment and a vast array of software ranging from General Knowledge and 'fun' tasks to sophisticated educational packages. The multi-purpose computer lab is equipped with round-the-clock Internet access and intranet. The latest computer journals are also available.

FAPS has got the latest in computer-based learning systems for younger children. This comprehensive solution to the challenge of meeting the varied levels of learning needs commonly encountered in every classroom.